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Autumn Chase Fun Run

The kids were so excited about running in the Huntsville Hospital Autumn Chase 1 Mile Run. They each ran with their own age group and I think there were about 100 kids racing in each group.

Carter got to run first and he was so excited!!

And they're off!

He was hilarious...every time he saw us he started sprinting with a big smile on his face.

Here he is getting close to the finish line.

Carter finished in Ninth Place!! Here's a pic of two of his friends from school...Max on the left and Aubrey on the right.

Here's another one of his friends, Dominic.

I had to get a picture of the big pig walking around. I think he was advertising for a BBQ place around town...maybe Lawler's?

Of course Caley had nothing to do with the pig but the boys wanted a picture.

The top 15 runners from each group got ribbons so Carter was super excited to get a ribbon for 9th place. We were very proud!!

Camden was all talk before his run. All I heard was, "I'm gonna win first place."

And they're off.

Camden pretty much sprinted as fast as he could at the beginning of the race so you might can guess what happened next.

I noticed from a distance that he didn't look to happy.

He was crying at about the half-way mark.

Once he saw us he ran to us. He kept saying he couldn't breathe. A huge lesson learned...pace yourself. Don't use all your energy at the beginning. I don't think he'll ever do that again.

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one BleSSed gal! said...

How did we never run into y'all again?

Way to go Carter! He looks so proud =)

Poor Camden...Cole did that one year & I remember it was after a bunch of smack-talk too =) Of course, you saw that he wore his crocs to ensure that he didn't have to run this year!

As for the pig, I thought he was there just to remind us (meaning people like myself) what we're going to look like if we don't get out there & run =)

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