[As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. Joshua 24:15]

These Days...

I've been working on this.....

And Dreaming about these....

And taking a lot of these....

I'm sorry if you all are getting very bored of portrait style photographs but I LOVE LOVE LOVE shooting them.  I went to a couple of different places today...Ashley found this beautiful field of yellow flowers out at the Hays Nature Preserve.   We gave it a try even though the sun was bright but I definitely plan to go back before sunset soon to get some better shots.   It's so much fun shooting with someone else because you can learn so much from each other...well, at least I did :)

Next stop for the Busby's...St Louis.  Thomas has planned a weekend full of fun activities and I'm very excited.  Cardinals game, the zoo, children's Museum....CAN'T WAIT!!  I'm sure I'll have lots to share in a few days.

Random pics

Braves vs Rockies...The No Hitter

Our new favorite past time this spring (or at least Thomas' favorite) has been going to see the Braves play in Atlanta.  We made a last second trip (imagine that) Saturday afternoon to catch our second game of the season.  The kids needed some new gear, so we picked up some new shirts along the way as well.  As you can see below, Carter's favorite player is Brian McCann and although Caley has no idea yet who Jason Heyward really is, she made a very wise decision with her choice.  

The first game we attended was a shutout, so there wasn't a whole lot of action for the home team that game.  This game wasn't much better.  Jiminez for the Rockies threw a no hitter against our team.  At least we can say we saw a no-no.  Anybody want to take a guess (without cheating) at how many no hitters there have been in the Majors)?

The highlight of the night was just before game time.  We sat near the Braves bullpen and the boys walked down to get a closer look just before the first pitch.  The guys in the pen threw each of them a little souvenir.  As you can see from their pics below, they were pretty excited.  Caley was satisfied with a little face painting and plenty of snacks.  
Carter Busby...future Ace for the Braves, showing off his split finger fastball.
Caley at the face painting booth...

The boys and their souvenirs...

Taking in the action...

All in all, a great night at the ballpark.  It won't be our last game of the season.  We're hoping to take in a few more games and make another road trip or two.  Pretty hard to beat some hot dogs, family time, and a little Braves baseball.  Good for the soul.  Hopefully we're continuing to create some great family memories for the kids - I know they are memories that Mom & Dad won't soon forget.  

Sweet Sweet Baby

My friend, Rachel, let me come over her house today and take some pictures of her 7 week old baby boy, Will.  I desperately needed to satisfy my urge to take more pictures and little Will was my guinea pig.  He was so sweet and I had so much fun just holding him.

It's so strange how all three pictures almost look like three different babies.  I'm still learning little by little about photography but lighting plays a crucial roll.  I have no idea why in one picture his eyes look so blue and in another not so blue.  Anyone have ideas?   I would love to know.

Caley Bug is playing T-ball!!

Caley is playing her first season of T-ball this spring.  I'm so happy for her because she actually gets to be part of a team instead of just watching the boys, which she does a lot.   She is super excited to be on the Braves team this year and she got to see her first real Braves game this weekend.  I'll have a post about that coming soon.  Here are some action shots of my baby girl.


Molly Bolly

Molly is not allowed on the furniture but this is where I find her every time I walk in the door.  How can I say no to this?  Sweet girl.

The Whole Clan :)

The Bowerman's are in town!!

We have been so excited that Paige and the kiddos are here to stay for a couple of days.  It's their Spring Break this week so lucky us get to spend a little time with them.  We had a little fun taking some pictures today at the Church of the Nativity downtown.  I absolutely love taking pictures there.  I'll have more pictures coming tomorrow when we take some with the other cousins but for now, here are a few.

Class Retreat and Dodgeball

This past Saturday our Bible class at church went on a couples retreat at Double Head.  We had a good time, especially later that night playing Mafia!  The picture below was taken right outside the cabin.
Ryan, Thomas, and Chris

This bottom picture is from a Dodgeball tournament that Thomas got to play in this weekend.  It was so much fun to watch.  A few guys from work played on a team together.  Fun stuff!  Don't you love the shirts...if you're not a fan on "The Office" you may not get it.  You can barely see it but right after the word REGIONAL it says "to the."  

Brooklyn Dodgers

The boys are playing on the Brooklyn Dodgers coach pitch baseball team this year.  I absolutely love it when they're on the same team. ...makes things so much easier.  Spring baseball gets me so excited and I love watching them play.  They have played 2 games so far with a 0-1-1 record.  I hope it gets better.  

My boys in Atlanta at the Braves game last night.