[As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. Joshua 24:15]

The Huntsville Rockets...

Before Spring ball started Camden played on a travel ball team and was able to get to play in a couple of tournaments.  Now that regular spring ball is over, the Rockets coach scheduled another tournament this past weekend.  They needed a couple of extra players so Carter and Joshua got to play.  They had a BLAST getting to play baseball together....and be on the same team!!

The Season has ended for the Brooklyn Dodgers

The boys finished off a fun and exciting coach pitch baseball season on Thursday night.  Here's a short video of the team.

Caley's Preschool Graduation

I can't believe my little girl is going to be in Kindergarten in the fall.  Time is really flying by these days and it's really starting to hit me how my kids are just growing up too fast.  Caley had her preschool graduation ceremony this week and it was really cute.  I recorded a little of it with me phone so you can watch it below. The first part is Caley singing her favorite song of the program..."Your Name."

This pictures shows exactly how she feels about me taking pictures of her now...she's about sick of it.

Different ways of processing...

A Visit to the American Girl Doll Store

Caley had been waiting for this big day for a long time.  Granny told her a long time ago that she would take her to the American Girl Doll store in Atlanta for her birthday.  Boy was she excited and I have to say that I was too.  It really is the neatest store.

I think this is what Caley's idea of Heaven would be like.  Doll, clothes, everything that you can think of...everywhere! 

I got a little carried away with pictures of the dolls but the were all so pretty to look at.  Santa Claus brought her the 2009 girl of the year...Chrissa, and granny and pop gave her the twins for Christmas.  She wanted to shop for clothes and accessories for them and granny let her have the biggest shopping spree of her life.  
Aren't they so pretty.

Granny also let her pick our an American Girl t-shirt, which she has already worn twice since we've been home.

Caley also has the Bitty Baby, but she's looking a little rough these days.  We've had her for a while and babies don't really stay in perfect shape at our house.  Caley plays and plays and plays with them every single day.  She loves babies and dolls more than anything.

This was the first thing she spotted in the store that she wanted.  Should have known it would be something related to nursing.  She has just recently been telling me that she wants to be a nurse and a mommy when she grows up.  Oh..and a cheerleader.

This was her telling me ...mommy I'm serious, this is what I want.

She had so much fun.   I just hope one day she'll understand how lucky she is.  

Right after we left the store we had a little time to spare waiting on the guys so she immediately wanted to start taking things out.  She reached for her favorite pick...the wheelchair.
Chrissa had to try on her crutches and casts.

She also went for a ride in her wheelchair in the mall, while everyone staired.
It really is such a fun place to visit even if you aren't a little girl :)

Just practicing...

Caley Bug is FIVE!

I can't believe my baby is already five years old.  In the fall she'll start Kindergarten and I'm afraid it's gonna be like the beginning to the end.  All three of my kids will be in school and I have no idea what that's going to be like.

Caley wanted to have a candy birthday party this year and she wanted the colors to match her dress.  The child is already high maintenance and we have arguments almost daily about what she wants to wear.  She definitely has her own opinion and she's not afraid to express it.

The party was simple and sweet...just the way I like it.
We still have ton of candy left over and unfortunately, I'm the one who ends up eating it and I'm the last one in the family that needs it.
I was so upset that I didn't get one single good picture of Caley blowing out her little cupcake candles.  But here she is when everyone is singing "Happy Birthday" to her.
These two have so much fun together and they love each other so much!

We plan on going to the Busby's this weekend for Birthday party #2.  I'm sure I'll have more to share on that later.  :)  Happy Birthday Caley Bug!!

I was so glad that we got to keep the triplets last night for a couple of hours.  We took the kids on a golf cart ride and then walked down to the creek.  They all had fun trying to skip rocks in the water.  Then, of course, I had to try and take pictures while they were with us.  Here are a few that I took at the playground.  I hate it that I didn't get a good one of Abbie.  :(

Oh...and a huge THANK YOU to my wonderful husband who upgraded my camera to a Nikon D90 for Mother's Day.  I totally do not deserve it but I love him so much for getting it for me.  I can't keep my hands off of it!

Trails, Hiking, and playing in the creek

Last Saturday we took the kids on a hiking trip on some trails in our neighborhood.  It was so pretty and such a fun thing to do as a family.  Even Molly went.  We have been enjoying taking the kids around the neighborhood in our new ride.  Can't think of a good name for it yet...the Buzz Mobile?  Anybody have any good ideas?    It was a beautiful day, one that could not be spent indoors.
There is a gorgeous little creek that runs through the neighborhood so we decided to take a walk through it.  We didn't plan on getting our feet wet but we couldn't resist once we got down there.  
I think Molly had more fun than anyone.  She absolutely LOVED playing in the water.  
We are definitely going to go back again soon.  Next time we'll know to wear some old shoes.
Family memories...these are the ones I hope they remember.
Next post...Caley's Birthday

St. Louis Road Trip...The Conclusion

The Famous Arch

After the Zoo Saturday morning, we headed over to the famous Arch.  We rode all the way up to the top...not good for anyone with claustrophobia...yes, all 5 of us fit in the cart below.  The kids took in the view from the top...
Mom liked the view from the bottom a little better...

Saturday night we headed over to the City Museum at the recommendation of several friends.  There's absolutely no way to describe what this place is like until you get there.  Basically, it's a giant playground for kids and adults.  They have everything from giant ball pits to humongous slides.  It really was amazing - we ended up staying for four hours.
Caley Bug in the giant Slinky and the ball pit...

One of the slides...

After church Sunday morning we headed to Busch Stadium to catch the Cards' game.  It happened to be Albert Pujol's MVP weekend so each of the kids got a promotional bat when we arrived...can't you see the excitement on Caley's face?

This kid wants nothing more than to be a pitcher...he loves it!

Little Brother showing his stuff...

And yes...Caley had to have a turn as well.  

The view from the upper deck...we really enjoyed the stadium with the view of the skyline in the background.  

If you know anything about the Big Leagues, you probably know that Albert Pujols is the Man.  He's a great talent and from everything we know, a really good person as well.  I've never seen so many Pujols' jerseys in my life...figured we might as well join the crowd.  The three amigo(a)s  below watching batting practice.

Taking in the action...

The Fam...

We had an incredible trip...it certainly won't be the last time we visit St. Louis.  With so much to do (and so much of it being free), we couldn't take it all in in two days.  Hopefully we created some memories that will continue to last for many years to come.  Where are we headed next???