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Trick or Treat 2009

Well, it turned out to be a pretty good Halloween this year.  I was very worried it was gonna be a rainy night for trick-or-treating but it actually turned out perfect.  A little chilly, but nothing to complain about.

Camden....an alien.  Caley....Minnie Mouse.  Carter....Darth Vader.

I'm pretty sure this was a repeat costume from last year.  Next year he's branching out a little.  He says he wants to be Elvis.  We'll see.

The boys really wanted to be the scariest thing that they could find but I just couldn't do it this year.  The closest I would stretch was an alien. 

This was a War Eagle halloween!   The tigers actually pulled out a big win against Ole Miss. Granny and Pop gave us this cute pumpkin.

My little trick-or-treaters.

and then......

there was Minnie the Exorcist.  This picture really freaks me out.  The kids were playing with their flash lights and I snapped a few pics. 

Minnie doesn't look so nice in this picture.

My Little Minnie Mouse

Caley's preschool performed a little halloween program this morning for all the parents.  All the kids dressed up in their costumes, sang Halloween songs, went trick-or-treating through the church offices, and had a party.  My Caley Bug decided to be Minnie Mouse this year. 

I was surprised she branched away from the princesses but I liked her choice.

Here they are...from babies to Kindergarteners.

Here's Abbie, Bailey, and Noah.

Her class had a little party afterwards.

Who cares about cupcakes...I want a Krispy Kreme doughnut....oh so good!!  More Halloween pics to come!

Monster Mash with the Busby's

My friend Joy had this crazy video on her blog so I just had to try it myself. It's hilarious!!!

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Pumpkin Carving with Poppy

Granny and Pop were able to come and visit a little this past weekend and we took advantage of that by asking Pop to help carve one of our pumpkins.  Carving is not an easy job.  It's fun, but time consuming and hard work. I have certainly not mastered the technique or even come close so I just sat back and took pictures of the the whole process. 

This is Caley's pumpkin.

Thomas got it started by cutting the top off.

Then comes the fun part....pulling out the guts!!  The kids LOVED it! 

We actually saved the seeds and roasted them today.  The kids were all excited about eating these pumpkin seeds until they were done and it was actaully time to put 'em in their mouths.  They were ALL TALK.  No one cared for 'em.

Pop helped out from here on.

The kids laughed  the entire time while they were pulling the guts out.

Here it is...ready to be carved.

Pop worked his magic.

Our little Jack-O-Lantern!  Didn't he do such a good job?  I was impressed!

Oh....anybody wondering about Elvis?

I caved and bought him another home.  I actually felt sorry for the little guy so I upgraded his bowl to a 5 gallon.  He really needs a 10 gallon but maybe he'll survive a little longer with this one.  Doesn't he look so happy?

Tate Farms with Caley's Class

Caley's class took a little field trip to Tate Farms today and I thought it was gonna be freezing but it was actually pretty nice weather. The sun was out...thank goodness.
First stop: petting the animals.

I think they used to let you actually pick the bunnies up but not anymore. The kids were only allowed to pet 'em.

Caley didn't like the goats too much after the man announced that they might nibble on your clothes and hands. She did not wanna stay in there.
Next stop: the playground
Riding the horses
Walking the balance beam.

Playing on the tractors

Third stop: playing in the corn
Seriously, there is no telling what all is actually in that corn. So many kids playing in it.....it reminds me of Chuck E Cheese when they used to have those balls you could play in.
At least she didn't stick her face in it.

Love the scarecrows.

I can't get all the Halloween songs out of my head that Caley's been singing from school...especially the ones about pumpkins. Aren't these so pretty?
Wizard of Oz...gotta love it.
Last stop: the Hay Ride. Caley did good picking out her pumpkin. She just took a little longer searching because she really wanted one without any dirt on it. No luck on that one.
We had so much fun!! More Tate Farms to come because Carter's class is going on Friday. Yes....she's wearing a Smurfette shirt. LOL!!