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Pumpkin Carving with Poppy

Granny and Pop were able to come and visit a little this past weekend and we took advantage of that by asking Pop to help carve one of our pumpkins.  Carving is not an easy job.  It's fun, but time consuming and hard work. I have certainly not mastered the technique or even come close so I just sat back and took pictures of the the whole process. 

This is Caley's pumpkin.

Thomas got it started by cutting the top off.

Then comes the fun part....pulling out the guts!!  The kids LOVED it! 

We actually saved the seeds and roasted them today.  The kids were all excited about eating these pumpkin seeds until they were done and it was actaully time to put 'em in their mouths.  They were ALL TALK.  No one cared for 'em.

Pop helped out from here on.

The kids laughed  the entire time while they were pulling the guts out.

Here it is...ready to be carved.

Pop worked his magic.

Our little Jack-O-Lantern!  Didn't he do such a good job?  I was impressed!

Oh....anybody wondering about Elvis?

I caved and bought him another home.  I actually felt sorry for the little guy so I upgraded his bowl to a 5 gallon.  He really needs a 10 gallon but maybe he'll survive a little longer with this one.  Doesn't he look so happy?

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Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

What adorable kiddos you have chopping and gut-pulling! haha! So much fun!! What a blessing to have a pop nearby! :)

McKinney Madness said...

Pop did a great job! We haven't even carved a pumpkin this year... boo on us! Hope to see you soon!

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