[As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. Joshua 24:15]

Caley Bug

So obvisously I can't get enough of taking pictures.

The Beach 2009 (Encore)

I know I said that I was finished but there were a few I meant to put in. Here are the last few.

Caley has come leaps and bounds from the beginning of the summer. She went from walking around the side of the pool to jumping in by herself. She even swims under water now. I'm so proud!!

Daddy always joins in on the fun!

Jumping in while catching the torpedo.

We definitely have our favorite places to eat at the beach and one of them is Lambert's Cafe. Home of the throwed rolls. We mainly go there just because of the at atmosphere. For some reason catching a roll is so much fun.

I ate three of those suckers. I with of course molasses and apple butter. Yum!

By the time you leave there you are so unbelievably full! It's worth it though!

The Beach 2009 (Final)

Me and Caley

Thomas, Camden, and Carter The Family
The Bowermans
Joshua, Marah, and Macy
The Boys
The kiddos
Nana and Grampy with the munchkins

Aunt Carolyn, Amy, Cortney, and Trey

Amy and Cortney

Caley Bug

Joshua and Marah
Camden and Carter

Joshua and Carter

Nana and Caley

My Babies!

The Beach 2009 (Part 6)

Macy had her own little pool to play in at the beach but she didn't wanna stay in it long at all. She was more interested in eating the sand.

There's no tellin' how much sand Paige dug out of her mouth.
Caley was pretty content most of the time in the shade just playing in the sand.

What a pouty face.

This is our second sand castle. We worked hard on this one.
We even had a little tunnel.

Daddy's turn to get buried.

I think this is Carter's trademark look....one eye open and one eye closed.

One more post.