[As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. Joshua 24:15]

Christmas Bits-n-Pieces

Who does he belong to?

We finally got a chance to take the kids to Santa's Village where the real Santa is.  It's fun every year but it was so so cold!!  Look it even snowed.

Well, not really. It's fake snow, but it's fun to watch while you're waiting in line for Santa.

Poor reindeer, he's had a long day.

The kids decorated the gingerbread cookies...then threw them away.

Caley didn't want a picture with the soldier.

She had no problem though posing with her glasses.

Here he is..the real Santa.  He's so sweet.

My kids Christmas list this year....

Camden:  Football Pads
Carter:  R2D2 Robot
Caley: American Girl Doll

Our Church Bible class had a Tacky Sweater Christmas Party.  It was so much fun and absolutely hilarious.  I think most people shopped for their outfits at thrift stores...except for this guy.

Who in the world does this guy belong to?

Well, that would be my husband.

They are definitely just alike.

Nashville Wrap-Up

Unfortunately, our time in Nashville had to come to an end.  We had so much fun and I really didn't wanna come back home...but we did.  Here are a few more pics of our trip.

My mom bought all the grandkids these cute little Christmas necklaces that light up. 

We all went on carriage rides Saturday night outside the Opryland Hotel.  The lights everywhere are just so beautiful.  It was cold and a little rainy but we really enjoyed every second.

Waving at the grandparents across the way.

The Bowermans

The Morrows

One of these days we're gonna get a family picture of the Busby's on here.  :)

Sunday afternoon the guys went to see the Titans play.  Camden and Carter are really starting to love football more and more.  I have a feeling it'll be their sport next fall....and they've both asked for football pads for Christmas.

I just love these three!!

And these two are just alike too!!

Nashville...Part 2 ICE

Saturday morning we went to see "ICE" featuring Charlie Brown.  We thought we were prepared for the cold temperature but can you really prepare yourself for 9 degrees?  It was very cold!!  But...it was definitely worth it.  It was so so neat and the kids had so much fun.

Macy was all bundled up and ready to go.

Poor Noah didn't feel well on the trip.  I felt so bad for him....and Ben & Anna.  He made it throught he main events though.

They give you these coats to wear inside and we definitely needed 'em.

Everything inside was made of ice and there were a ton of ice sculptures everywhere.  It really was amazing.


The slide was by far the best part.  The kids loved it and I think almost all the adults in our crew gave it a try too.  How many chances do you ever get to slide down an ice slide!!  That's Camden up top.

Here goes Thomas.

Oh yeah...he loved it.  :)

By now, Thomas is pretty much miserable because he didn't bring gloves.  His hands were frozen. 

Here goes Camden again.

Caley even tried it.  She's branching out and getting a little braver every year.

Here goes Ben, Abbie, and Bailey.

Anna and Noah.

Have I mentioned before how these two are just alike??  I mean identical.  Camden is just like his daddy.

Here's Marah.

Even Macy went down....and loved it!

How cute is that?

Sorry Paige, I had to put it on here. :)