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Nashville Wrap-Up

Unfortunately, our time in Nashville had to come to an end.  We had so much fun and I really didn't wanna come back home...but we did.  Here are a few more pics of our trip.

My mom bought all the grandkids these cute little Christmas necklaces that light up. 

We all went on carriage rides Saturday night outside the Opryland Hotel.  The lights everywhere are just so beautiful.  It was cold and a little rainy but we really enjoyed every second.

Waving at the grandparents across the way.

The Bowermans

The Morrows

One of these days we're gonna get a family picture of the Busby's on here.  :)

Sunday afternoon the guys went to see the Titans play.  Camden and Carter are really starting to love football more and more.  I have a feeling it'll be their sport next fall....and they've both asked for football pads for Christmas.

I just love these three!!

And these two are just alike too!!

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