[As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. Joshua 24:15]

Paparazzi on the Golf Course

Thomas and I have had a couple of days to ourselves (thanks to my parents and my sis).  Thomas asked me to go golfing with him..... for the first time  in about 8 years.  I have to be honest, at first I wasn't very excited about watching him play 18 holes while I sat in the golf cart, but I actually had a lot of fun.  Maybe it was because I took about a zillion pictures of him, and without one complaint by the golfer.  He was very tolerant of the paparazzi.   Isn't he the cutest golfer you've ever seen?

Abbie, Bailey, and Noah turn 4!

Summer Days....


All Stars!!!

 Camden started the city wide All Star coach pitch tourney this week.  We really have a great group of boys this week and are going to make a run at the championship before the week is out.  Check back later in the week for updates.  He's having a blast...as evidenced by the picture below!  

The Mayfair Park International Blue Team...from the bottom left...John Calvin, Blake, Hayes, Jacob, Connor, Chandler...middle row from left....Preston, Camden, Owen, JD, Jake, & Stephen.

Camden's been playing first base for the first time this season but has handled it pretty well.  

His individual highlight of the tourney (so far!) was winning the home run derby contest.  Needless to say, he was pretty stoked about it.  The fact that the trophy was almost as big as he is didn't hurt.  Way to   go C-Buzz...we're proud of you!

Happy Father's Day!!!

VBS, basketball camp, and Bible Memory Challenge

 I'm trying to play a little catch-up with this post so it's a little bit of random.  VBS was awesome last week.  We were so glad that Joshua and Marah were able to come with us and they all had so much fun.  The next couple of pics are from basketball camp at church, which was terrific.  I wish it would have lasted longer because Scott Stapler from Alabama Basketball Academy was the guy who organized the camp and he is awesome!!  The last few pics are from the Bible Memory Challenge ceremony at church where they received their trophies for memorizing scripture for the year.  I'm so so proud of them for that accomplishment!!

Time with Family and Slip-n-slide with Friends

Today was a fun day...for several reasons.

#1.  My sister and her kids, and my cousin have been in town and got to come spend the night with us.

#2.  It's VBS week at church...more pictures to post later.

#3   Went to a friend's house tonight for slip-n-slide fun.

I couldn't let my nieces and nephew come visit without taking pictures.  

I love the missing tooth :)
A large piece of plastic, baby soap, and a water hose...that's all you need for an awesome slip--slide.  Everyone had so much fun!!!  I had a blast taking pictures of everyone.  It was such a great night!!

How cute is he?

A friday night photo session....

with my only willing subject. :)

Had to add the bug-eyes.  te he he