[As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. Joshua 24:15]

Auburn Digital Paper Pack

I've been getting the itch for a while now to design some digital scrapbook paper so here it is....my Auburn Tiger paper pack.  Thought I would show it to you!  WAR EAGLE!!!

You can find it here in my Etsy Shop. :)

Another day in the fields...Caley's turn.


We have had SO MUCH fun going to Auburn football games this year!!  I was so excited that some of my family got to come to the Georgia game last weekend.  The kids had so much fun and it was perfect weather for football.  Thomas is about to go nuts trying to find tickets to the SEC championship, and even looking at flights to go to a possible national championship.  We'll see!  WAR EAGLE!!!

I love my boys!!!

Trophy night for Tackle football.

Here are a few pics from trophy night with Camden's football team.  It's been fun but our family is ready for a little break....well, I guess until basketball starts.  GO PANTHERS!

A new fruit...

Well, we are finally getting settled in our house.  I have this long list of things that need to get done but let's get real, it certainly won't all get done any time soon.

I'm proud of Caley's new recent accomplishment.  She is now eating apples with the peel on.  It's amazing what peer pressure can do.  After eating one with the peel left on at a friends house, she now LOVES apples and I don't have to peel them for her.  She only decided to starting eating apples about a month ago so this is a big step at our house.

Camden will not eat ANY fruit.  The closest he gets is applesauce.  Carter loves fruit but for some reason doesn't care too much for apples.  Next mission:  find a fruit for Camden to love.  Any ideas on how to accomplish this?   I think we need an intervention at our house to get rid of all the snacks and junk food. It's easier said than done that's for sure.  I've tried several times and failed so now I have no idea what to do.  I would love to know how you all handle snacks at your house!
She has her leotard on in these pictures because we were about to head out to her cheer tricks class.

I had to throw this one in here...I sure do love Molly Bolly.

He's a goner.

Poor little Elvis wasn't the smartest fish.  This would be the second time he's gotten stuck and unfortunately he didn't survive this one.  The memorial service will be tomorrow after school.

The kids have been enjoying their new sport (well not really new) with dad.  It's been a while since they've played so they've had some catching up to do.  The weather has been so nice to hit some golf balls and the kids love it.  Thomas usually lets them play a few holes too.  It takes a while to to get to the end but it's fun.  Even Caley loves it...she's been asking for golfing lessons. :)

Here's Caley's class from school for their Hooray for Hollywood Day.  Really it's just a way to let the kids dress up in their Halloween costumes.  So cute!  You can't miss Daphne with the bright orange hair.

Here's a video of the Hooray for Hollywood Day!