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The Beach 2009 (Part 6)

Macy had her own little pool to play in at the beach but she didn't wanna stay in it long at all. She was more interested in eating the sand.

There's no tellin' how much sand Paige dug out of her mouth.
Caley was pretty content most of the time in the shade just playing in the sand.

What a pouty face.

This is our second sand castle. We worked hard on this one.
We even had a little tunnel.

Daddy's turn to get buried.

I think this is Carter's trademark look....one eye open and one eye closed.

One more post.

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joy said...

I'm looking back at all your beach posts now. LOVE them! So glad y'all had a great time. Hate that we didn't get to hook up. We just pretty much did nothing but hang out on the beach the whole time. It was great! We, too, have the big ol' tent which is always a lifesaver & makes it bearable to be on the beach for 12 hours a day. Meg had the same little pool as Macy, but thankfully she played it in with no water or sand & even took 2 naps a day in it. Her immobility has been a real blessing this summer!

You got some great pictures of the kiddos & the big people too =) You & Paige have the cutest kids. I know they will always remember the fun times that they get to share.

Have fun getting all that laundry caught-up! You may be stepping/jumping over mine tomorrow night =)

Kristy said...

These pictures are so pretty--ALL of them! You are blessed with such a sweet family. Glad I found you again!

Jamey said...

I didn't know you had this blog!!! So happy to find it. Love all the beach pictures. Looks like a fun trip, but it is doubled the fun b/c you got to share it with family!

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