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The Beach 2009....Waterville! (Part 5)

We spent one entire day at the water park in Gulf Shores and I mean from open til close. We were absolutely wiped out by the end of the day. I can't believe out of all the years we've been going to Gulf Shores we've never been to Waterville. It was a blast.

The Great White was Camden's favorite and he rode it over and over again.
My mom NEVER does anything like this. I don't ever remember her actually riding anything half-way scary in my life. She was a crazy woman this week. I was very proud!

We have been to Disney World and Size Flags within the past 7 months and Caley never once rode any kind of roller coaster. I couldn't believe that she actually got on this one and LOVED IT! She rode it about 5 times and it wasn't a baby coaster. I was impressed. This was her favorite thing to do at Waterville.
Who can go to the beach without riding go-carts?

Carter, Joshua, and even Marah rode the blue slide that goes straight down. I have to say, it was pretty scary.
Here goes Uncle Rodney

I'm not sure if there's anything that really scares Carter. He begged us to let him do the Skycoaster at The Track but I just couldn't let him do it. It seriously made me sick to my stomach to think about him way up there in the air. He's a little dare-devil.

Thomas was like a little kid the whole day. He couldn't get enough.

This is Aunt Paigie on the rainbow slide.

I spent most of my time with Caley because she didn't really want to do anything but ride the coaster. She found a few other things to do later. As you can see below...by herself.
Still more pics to come.

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Julie Y. said...

Poor Caley! I would have totally been right there with her. I HATE all those "scary" rides as well. Her and I would have been best buds on that trip!


I am loving all of the pictures! They are all so cute! I'm glad ya'll had such a good time. We will be there next year for sure! :)

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