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Trick or Treat 2009

Well, it turned out to be a pretty good Halloween this year.  I was very worried it was gonna be a rainy night for trick-or-treating but it actually turned out perfect.  A little chilly, but nothing to complain about.

Camden....an alien.  Caley....Minnie Mouse.  Carter....Darth Vader.

I'm pretty sure this was a repeat costume from last year.  Next year he's branching out a little.  He says he wants to be Elvis.  We'll see.

The boys really wanted to be the scariest thing that they could find but I just couldn't do it this year.  The closest I would stretch was an alien. 

This was a War Eagle halloween!   The tigers actually pulled out a big win against Ole Miss. Granny and Pop gave us this cute pumpkin.

My little trick-or-treaters.

and then......

there was Minnie the Exorcist.  This picture really freaks me out.  The kids were playing with their flash lights and I snapped a few pics. 

Minnie doesn't look so nice in this picture.

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Bowerman Blessed said...

Oh i love all those costumes. I sure do miss all those munchkins and cannot wait to see them this week!

Jessa Mullen said...

"Minnie the Exorcist"... WOW.. That is crazy looking.. That Auburn Pumpkin is great. To bad they do not last longer. The lady at the market where we bought ours told me to spray cooking pam on mine to make them last longer. I bought a bunch to put out on my porch, we will see if it works!!

Jamey said...

So cute! That last picture of minnie is a bit frightening! :)

www.kevinandamanda.com said...

OMG, that pumpkin is *awesome*!! :) Very cool costumes, too! :)

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