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A Visit to the American Girl Doll Store

Caley had been waiting for this big day for a long time.  Granny told her a long time ago that she would take her to the American Girl Doll store in Atlanta for her birthday.  Boy was she excited and I have to say that I was too.  It really is the neatest store.

I think this is what Caley's idea of Heaven would be like.  Doll, clothes, everything that you can think of...everywhere! 

I got a little carried away with pictures of the dolls but the were all so pretty to look at.  Santa Claus brought her the 2009 girl of the year...Chrissa, and granny and pop gave her the twins for Christmas.  She wanted to shop for clothes and accessories for them and granny let her have the biggest shopping spree of her life.  
Aren't they so pretty.

Granny also let her pick our an American Girl t-shirt, which she has already worn twice since we've been home.

Caley also has the Bitty Baby, but she's looking a little rough these days.  We've had her for a while and babies don't really stay in perfect shape at our house.  Caley plays and plays and plays with them every single day.  She loves babies and dolls more than anything.

This was the first thing she spotted in the store that she wanted.  Should have known it would be something related to nursing.  She has just recently been telling me that she wants to be a nurse and a mommy when she grows up.  Oh..and a cheerleader.

This was her telling me ...mommy I'm serious, this is what I want.

She had so much fun.   I just hope one day she'll understand how lucky she is.  

Right after we left the store we had a little time to spare waiting on the guys so she immediately wanted to start taking things out.  She reached for her favorite pick...the wheelchair.
Chrissa had to try on her crutches and casts.

She also went for a ride in her wheelchair in the mall, while everyone staired.
It really is such a fun place to visit even if you aren't a little girl :)

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Holly-- The Storm Chaser said...

What FUN! Lucy has been begging to go, so I told her maybe for her birthday. Lucky for me and Bert, my Mom said she would go and take us for a girl's luncheon!!! So, that means Lucy will be treated royally just like Caley. Otherwise, I would be all, "Umm, we're just looking!" Yea for wonderful grandparents!
That Caley is too cute.

brooke said...

Holly...most of the time we're in any kind of store, we are "just looking". :)
A girls luncheon will be so much fun! I agree..yey for grandparents!

McKinney Madness said...

She is one blessed little girl, that's for sure!! So glad she got the chance to go!

Angela said...

Cute blog!!!! Love all the pics, too! I'm planning a similar weekend for my girl this fall. :)

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