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The Bowerman's are in town!!

We have been so excited that Paige and the kiddos are here to stay for a couple of days.  It's their Spring Break this week so lucky us get to spend a little time with them.  We had a little fun taking some pictures today at the Church of the Nativity downtown.  I absolutely love taking pictures there.  I'll have more pictures coming tomorrow when we take some with the other cousins but for now, here are a few.

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Alicia said...

Such great photos! I love that church, but last time I took pics of Caro there my mom and I got absolutely covered in chigger bites!!

Such sweet, beautiful, handsome cousins:)

brooke said...

Alicia...I know what you mean. I think it depends on what time of year you go there because we have definitely had our share of mosquito bites from there! Seriously, my kids had a zillion bites all over them. We learned our lesson after that first time and if know the bugs are there we bring spray. We haven't had that problem though in a long time.. thank goodness!

one BleSSed gal! said...

Those are so good Brooke! Enjoy your time with the Paige & the kiddos...I know you will :)

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