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Carter's Birthday...the finale.

Carter's birthday lingered for a few days....first the school party, then Motor Cross at the arena, bowling, Big Ed's pizza, then cake back at home before the Auburn game. I think he had a great birthday!!

Here are my little Tigers Fans on Saturday before the party.

Granny, Pop, and Aunt Cynthia came up for the day. We went to lunch and then hung around the house a little while.Granny and Caley Bug
Carter was soooo excited to open his present from Granny and Pop. He had no idea he was getting a Nintendo DS, which was exactly what he had been wanting for a while. Of course, he wanted it so badly because that's what his cousin Joshua has.

All the boys went bowling that afternoon and then we all met up for some pizza at Big Ed's. Oh so good!!

I have been so proud of my mom. She has been trying to lose weight for a long time and is up to 85 lbs of weight loss....so far. She looks great and seems like a new person. Doesn't she look great!!

My Carter Bug

Bailey had a little fun licking the Parmesan cheese from her plate. How fun! I wish I could get away with that!

Rats...she caught me.

We went back to our house for another Auburn cookie cake. Those are the best!

I was a totally unprepared mom, as usual. If you notice, no matching candles. One blue, three green, and two white. I knew I had candles in my cabinet but didn't realize they were multi-colored. Oh well, he didn't care and I don't really think he even noticed.

Apparently boys like to smear icing on their faces.

These two are best buds. I'm so excited that they'll get to grow up together in the same grade.

Another set of best friends

Taking pictures of Macy is a challenge. She doesn't like to be still. But I thought this picture turned out precious!

The majority of the time, this is what Carter was doing...playing his new games.

Mom and Dad

Uncle Ben and Dad

Too bad their was a rain delay for the Auburn game. Everyone was geared up and ready to watch.
All the girls...and Noah, played in Caley's room all night. Paige put Macy's hair in little piggy tails. Cutie!

Noah had fun putting on make-up and jewelry. I love it! He's all boy but every kid has their moments.

I think all the kiddos had fun together! I love family times!!
Carter, mommy and daddy love you so much and we are so proud of you! Happy Birthday!!

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Sunny said...

Happy Birthday Carter!!! It looks like you all had such a great time celebrating with family! All of your children are adorable! And your mom looks so pretty! Of course, I love all of your pictures! :)

I've never had Big Ed's pizza. I guess that we will have to try it out sometime soon.

Anonymous said...

Brooke your family knows how to do bdays!! Your mom looks amazing...tell her I think she looks beautiful! And I love Macy in pigtails! Looks like the perfect day! Happy bday, Carter!

Kimberly said...

I was going to comment about your mom as well. She looks awesome!

Looks like everyone had a great time. Great pictures.

mandy said...

What a fun birthday(s)! Ours tend to drag out over a few days too...that makes it even more fun!! Your mom looks so beautiful! I wish our families were closer so we could have those fun-cousin times! Let's get together soon!


Love the pictures! We had such a fun time getting to see ya'll and everybody else and celebrate Carter's birthday. Bowling and pizza was a fun idea! :) It's fun that the kids all have such a good time together. Ben and I were saying that it seems like they are all having such a good time lately and it doesn't seem quite as chaotic as it used to now that they are all getting older. Fun times. :)

Jennifer Corl Wood said...

Wow, your mom looks amazing!

Jessa Mullen said...

Brooke.. Your mom looks GREAT !!!!! Please tell her I said "You Go Girl" !!!

McKinney Madness said...

I'm so sad I couldn't be there. It's good to hear that ya'll had such a good time and that Carter had a blast! And you're right- Aunt Vicki looks awesome and we are all so proud of her!!

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