[As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. Joshua 24:15]

Fall Baseball has come to an end.

It's been fun but, selfishly, I'm sure glad it's over. I'm just ready for some normal times around this house. This fall has been extremely busy for us so it's time for a break.
The Braves finished off this season with some wins and losses but ultimately my kiddos had a great time and it was a great learning experience.

We were fortunate that the boys were able to play on the same team this year but we can't expect that to happen every time. It sure is easier though.
Carter especially learned a lot from playing with the big kids. Fall ball is a lot different than spring baseball. There aren't near as many players and I'm pretty sure that many of the good athletes play football this time of year. So, Carter getting to play with the big kids worked out perfect.
Love those big brown eyes.

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McKinney Madness said...

I love your pictures! You've become quite the photographer and I'm sure you'll cherish these pics for years to come!

Sunny said...

Love it!!! I so wish that our boys could play ball together. Joshua is still on cloud nine from having dinner with Carter and Camden the other night. Abby Kate is also still beaming when talking about Caley. You have some precious children.

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