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A Typical Summer Day

This summer we will probably be spending most of our days at the pool in the neighborhood. The kids beg to go pretty much everyday so here is a glimpse into a summer day with the Busby's.

Gotta love the goggles!

I think Caley wears them the best. Don't you? te he he

Half-way in...that's about as close as she gets. We worked on blowing bubbles in the water. Progress slowly.

Camden loves doing handstands in the water.

I give it a 7 out of 10. He really is getting good at it. Carter is working on it too.

Typical of Caley, mostly walking around the pool instead of in the water. She really doesn't know what she's missing. She is going to get out of this timidness if I have to throw her in!!

Some friends at the pool....Gabe and his sweet little sister Amelia.

How cute is she?

They love jumping off the diving board!

Apparently, this is called the "batman."

Not sure what Camden is doing. Kind of looks like something from the "Thriller" music video.

Almost looks like he's diving.

Nice pose, Camden!

They also love going down the slide! Notice, Caley doesn't take part in these activites....yet.

Again, hanging out by the pool.

We are glad that the kids have some friends to play with at the pool. Ryan, on the left, was in Camden's first grade class this year and on his spring baseball team. Gabe, in the middle, is a friend from church and has been on both Camden and Carter's baseball team!

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The Bowerman Blog said...

Those are for sure the Busby kids! Boys love the water, slides and diving boards, and Caley loves to walk poolside looking nice and cool! Love them. CAn't wait for them to come to VBS next week and swim.

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