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Road Trip to See the Cubbies

This was definitely one of our little random, spur-of-the-moment, road trips. Thomas thought it might be fun to take the kids to Chicago to see the Cubs play. We started our journey Friday at about 4:30 pm. We really had no plans of how far we were going or where we would stay so we just drove until we decided to park it. By the time Thomas was ready to stop and find a hotel there wasn't a good place to stop for about an hour or so. We ended up stopping about 30 minutes away from Chicago and spent the night. The next morning, we drove to Navy Pier in Chicago and goofed off a little while before we went to the ball park.

This picture was in front of the big Ferris Wheel at Navy Pier.

Thank goodness I had Caley's blanket in the car. She had on a little spaghetti strap dress and the boys had on t-shirts. Apparently, we ignored some advice that we might need sweatshirts. It was quite chilly. Especially when the sun isn't out. It was cloudy all day until about an hour before the game started.
We let the kids each choose one thing to do while we were there.

Caley chose the carousel.

Camden chose the electric boats that you could steer.

Carter chose the Ferris Wheel.

Daddy rode with him. Carter picked the scariest ride and Camden chose the least scariest.

We got to the field about 3 hours early so we had quite a but of time to spare. Here are the kids with the Harry Carey statue..."Take Me out to the Ballgame".

Thomas was able to get bleacher seats on Craigslist the night before the game. A really nice person gave them to us for face value. We were really lucky because they were selling for a whole lot more. He also let us park at the fire station right next to the field!

The first 5,000 kids were given a Build-A-Bear cub. The kids were really excited and they're all sleeping with them tonight!

We got there early enough to watch batting practice. It was lots of fun watching people catch the home run balls on the bleachers.

The dude in the background to the right and back of Carter caught 2. Lucky Lucky!

This is my favorite picture! I think it's the best one I have of Thomas and Caley!

About 20 minutes after we left the field the kids were all knocked out.

We had a great time! Next time we probably won't sit in the bleachers section. Apparently, it's really like the student section. Too many wild and crazy college kids. I wish I had ear plugs for the kids during the game to block out all the profanity. I'm hoping that they didn't get any of it and won't remember any of it. We'll see. Other than that, good job, Thomas!! Next road trip.....?

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Joy said...

Those are some really great pictures! Camden was so excited tonight @ Blast Off telling me about the bleacher seats, almost catching a ball, the hotel...fun memories!!!

I love that Camden chose the least scary while Carter chose the scariest. That's exactly how my boys would've picked. And I would've stayed on the ground & taken pictures just like you =)

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