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A Campin' We Will Go

Another random little last-minute adventure. We took the kids up to Monte Sano Mountain here in Huntsville to go camping for the night. We have not done this very much at all and this might be the first time as a whole family. We had a great time, some good quality family time. We did learn a few things that we will definitely have to remember for the next time. More blankets, lighter fluid, dry wood, and more blankets.

Thomas got that tent up really quickly. He's actually had some practice at home. He's set that thing up in the house and in our backyard before for the kids. They love it!!

Well, here it is..our hotel for the night. It fit all 5 of us and of course, Molly.
I just love this picture of her. I'm so glad she got to come with us!

While the tent was being set up the kids started gathering sticks for the fire.

We are gonna need more than that!
Our poor little fire. All the wood was wet which made it difficult to get the fire started. A little lighter fluid might have helped. We'll know next time.
The fire made it through hot dogs and smores then went out right before we got in the tent.
I didn't take any pictures of roasting marshmallows because I was too busy stuffing my face.
What's camping without a bean bag toss?
Here it is....our lovely campsite. I sort of felt like a country bumpkin.
For some reason Molly likes to get right next to your face to lay down. She did really good being still in the tent and finally went to sleep when the kids did.
I thought we were well prepared with our sleeping arrangements but I was sadly mistaken. I froze! The only hour of sleep I got was in the car at 5:00 am this morning...with the heat on. The kids were fine and said they didn't get cold at all. Thomas was a little cold too, probably more than he'll admit. He was up quite a bit during the night but he claims it was because I wouldn't be still. I believe him.
Overall, we had a fun time! I'm really not much of a camper but I really did enjoy it! I'm hoping we're creating memories that our kids will never forget.

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I just found your new blog. I didn't even know you had started this one. It's so cute! I love all of the pictures, too, that you've put on there! The camera does awesome! How fun that ya'll went camping! I'm like you...not much of a camper, but I do think it will be fun (a little ways down the road) to make those memories together. I love the tent...nice and spacious! :)

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