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Grandmother's House...Part 1

This is PART 1 of a ton of pictures that I have to share from this past weekend.  My grandmother Johnson (my mom's mom) is moving to Florence to live closer to all of her family.  It's really bitter-sweet.  I will talk more on this in my next post but it's a huge deal because she's moving away from the Johnson home pace and her hometown where she's lived all her life.  My other grandmother has had to face this same thing and it's so hard because it's amost like they're having to start a new life.  It's an incredibly difficult thing for her to face, so all the family went to Vernon, AL on Sunday to be there for her going away party. 

This was my grandparents big red barn right by the house.

These pictures were taken in front of the barn.

My grandparents use to have a ton of cows that used this barn...and many kittens were born in here.

Caley and Marah

The Bowerman clan.

Cortney and Amy

Trey and Cortney

This was the famous gate that we all use to ride on as kids.  I'm so glad that my children got to have this experience and I hope that we've created memories for them that they'll never forget.  Seems so silly....riding on the gate....but the kids love it!!

The iron "J" on the gate stands for Johnson and will be going home with my cousin Cortney.  My grandmother wanted to give all of us things that she can't take with her and each of us picked things that we loved and would help us remember.  My grandaddy had this made a long time ago.  I love it!!

The five grandkids!  From the left....my sister Paige, me, my brother Ben, my cousin Amy, and my cousin Cortney.  The background shows the pasture right behind my grandmother's house where we all use to go fishing growing up. 

We would walk out in the pasture just over the hill to one of the fishing ponds...stepping over cow patties on the way.  I can remember using those long cane poles and baiting my own hook with worms.  We would leave the poles out in the water to come in for lunch and then we couldn't wait to get back out there to see if we'd caught anything.  Sometimes our poles would be in the middle of the pond, which was so exciting!  I loved fishing and I miss it!

Our granddaddy would clean the fish (which was totally disgusting to watch) and we would have fried catfish for dinner.

We never did dig up that Indian Mound up on the hill.  We always talked about it and wondered what we'd find.

I can remember watching Ben (because he was the only grandson) riding on the tractor with my granddaddy out in the fields bailing the hay.

Fun times.  Those were memories that I will never forget.  I'm certainly gonna miss this place.

This is the house.   My granddaddy's parents lived here first then my grandparents bought it from them so it's been in the family a very very long time.  That's why we call it the Johnson home place. 

Every year our family reunions are held here for all the Johnsons.

You can imagine how difficult it must be for my grandmother to leave.  She has such an amazing attitude about it though.  She's only looking at this in a positive way because she's moving closer to family. 

These pictures were taken in front of my grandmothers house.
My dad, mom, grandmother, and Aunt Carolyn.

My mom, grandmother, and Aunt Carolyn.

All the great-grandkids!

I have a lot more to write about and more pictures to come!!

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Jessa Mullen said...

I teared up reading this post.. Your Grandmother is a wonderful women whom I love and think very highly of. I have seen so many pictures taken by that gate through the years. What wonderful memories. I am so glad someone got to take the "J", how special. Can't wait to read more..

Julie Y. said...

That was a very good post Brooke. I am with Jessa, that was sort of sad and I have never even been there. That is great that you have all those pictures. Looking forward to part 2!

Stacy said...

I loved looking back at your pictures! I loved hearing about all your favorite memories. I remember going to Tennessee in the summers...not the same as your place, but I know how special memories are! I'm glad your kids got to spend some time there, and that you are writing about it so one day they can look back and 'remember' what they can't really remember!

one BleSSed gal! said...

This is a beautiful post, Brooke. Takes me back to lots of childhood memories from my grandparents' farm. As I read this, I stopped & said a prayer for your grandmother. I can only imagine how difficult it will be for her to leave that part of her life behind. But, I know she must be so excited to be closer to all of your precious children!

The HoneaBees said...

This made me cry! I can't wait to read more. I love grandmothers!

Anonymous said...

I am tearing up too, and I have never even been there. I know this must be hard for your family, but I know it will be so great to have her so close. I am gald you will always have all those memories to cherish. Great post!!


Cortney said...

Makes me so sad to think about it... these pictures are awesome and I really appreciate you taking the time to capture all of it on camera. The post was awesome and I can't wait to read Part 2.

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