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How does your fridge look?

Well here it is...the inside of our fridge at this very moment. Thomas puts a certain amount of money in my account every month for groceries that I'm in charge of. What do you do when there's only $80 left to last you until next Wednesday and that includes "eating out" money as well. I seriously need to start clipping coupons. I just can't believe how my little vultures will eat everything they set their eyes on in our kitchen. The food goes so fast. I can't imagine what it will be like when they're all teenagers.

The only reason there's milk in here is because I ran to get some a few minutes ago so the kids would have something to drink for breakfast.

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The Kuepker's Korner said...

heres a few tips:
*shop Publix on Sundays- Spend 10 dollars or more and get a pre-selected item for a penny.
*clip your own coupons at www.couponbug.com
*check Publix's Buy 1 Get 1 Free deals and look for the coupons to go with those items (I've actually gotten money back from doing that:))

As far as eatting out- know when resturants have their special sales-
Monday- Little Ceasers- get free crazy bread with the purchase of a large pizza (we get the 5 dollar hot and ready)
I think chick-fil-a has a deal where kids eat free with the purchase of an adult meal(don't remember what day- sorry)
Hope that helps:)

joy said...

that looks so familiar!

Sunny said...

My fridge looks pretty bare too. I am SO scared at what the teenage years will do to our grocery bill. We got a side by side fridge when we moved into our new house and I definitely keep it cleaned out more. I guess that I am afraid of what will happen to it if I don't keep it pretty clean.

McKinney Madness said...

Ha ha Ha!!! Looks like you will have to start clipping coupons! Hope Thomas lets you have more than that for the beach!! : )

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