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First time on the High Dive

I feel like all we've been doing this summer is spending time at the pool. The kids continue to ask to go swimming almost everyday so take 'em and usually by the end of the summer I'm almost sick of it, but not yet. We still have the beach to look forward to. One more week!!! I'll probably have about 3 different posts just to cover our vacation.
Some friends of ours from Church invited us for dinner at the pool that their family goes to. The boys absolutely loved it because they had a high dive. I couldn't believe that they didn't even hesitate to jump off. Even the daddys had a little fun.

Caley had a great time playing with Calli. She is too cute. She reminds me of Caley in some ways because she loves to talk!

Her little sister, Betsy, was so sweet and quiet. We don't get much of that at our house.

Camden jumping off the high dive. I was impressed that he wasn't scared. I would have been. :)

Here's Carter doing a canon ball.
Even Mr. Tim jumped. I love his facial expression in this picture.

Thomas doesn't hesisate on the diving board. He's been teaching the kids how to dive because I sure can't. I think he only dove off one time tonight from the high dive. I missed it. I'm not sure that I've ever tried to dive and don't really care to. I'm pretty much a big chicken.

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