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Back in the Blogs

Welcome to my new blog! After taking almost a year off, I decided to get my rear in gear and start blogging about my family again. I'm sure I will probably throw in some of my random thoughts. For any of you that really know me, you know that I over-analyze and I'm a little spacey at times. :) Who knows what kinds of crazy things I might post. I apologize that I'm not a writer or even close. I probably have the vocabulary of a 3rd grader. But, hey..this is for the fam, right?

Backing up a couple of weeks. My boys had a great spring baseball season. I really thought that by the end I would be ready for it to be over but I was mistaken. It went by way too quickly and they both had several games rained out. I actually can't wait for sports again in the fall.

Holly, a friend from church, and whose son was on Camden's team this year, made a video for all of the kids to take home. She did an AMAZING job! I think we've probably watched it at our house about 50 times. Take a look! I really can't get the song out of my head.

Here are some pics of them in action.

Camden played on the Cubs at second base and outfield. He learned a ton this year because he played up with the 7 and 8 year olds. He could have actually done T-Ball one more year but most of the kids in his class at school were playing coach pitch so we decided, why not? Thomas helped coach Camden's team and I think he enjoyed it almost as much as the boys.

I love the way his mouth looks the same in both of the above pictures.

Here he is at second base actually keeping his feet still. I think he had some happy feet in the infield, constantly moving. It really drove me and Thomas crazy.

Nice, follow through.

Thomas was the head coach for Carter's team this year...the Binghamton Mets. He played T-ball. I think that for the kids that get pitched to at home often, hitting off the T can throw you off a bit. Carter did great but I can't wait 'til he plays coach pitch because he hits it better when being pitched to, I think. He has a bit of an advantage over Camden because he is learning a ton from his big brother!

I love this picture!

Another nice follow through.

He's ready to make the out!

Be ready, Carter!

Just had to add this one!

I could't leave out my baby girl. There will be tons to post about her later. She says that she wants to play soccer in the fall. We'll see. I have no earthly idea how she'll do. She is the type that I can see running off the field in the middle of the game just because she wanted to. We need to get some practice in now to get her ready. But, I really can't wait to see it!

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The Bowerman Blog said...

I love this blog. It definitely represents you! All the pictures are amazing. The kids look so big. The boys in baseball uniforms truly shows how the time is flying by. Love those kids!
Aunt Paigie

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