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White Christmas 2010

WOW!  Such a beautiful thing to wake up to on Christmas morning.  This is what it looked like outside before we started opening presents.  
The kiddos ready to dig in to their stockings.
The kids didn't wait too long before they were ready to go out and play in the snow.
We took a little golf cart ride to the end of the street to try some sledding.
It didn't work so good really but Thomas had a great idea for later.

The kids taking a break to watch one of Camden's presents..."Space Chimps 2".
It came with some 3D glasses.
Here is our pretty pitiful snowman. I have no idea what happened and where  we went wrong.
Caley's gift from Santa...American Girl Doll Lanie from 2010.
Time for a snowball fight.
Then, the real fun began.
There is a video at the end of this blog that shows all the kiddos sledding with the golf cart.
Unfortunately, I forgot my battery when we went to my parents for Christmas so I have no pictures.  (sigh) AND Thomas's parents didn't get to come visit on Christmas Day because of the snow.  We did get to have Christmas with them the following weekend!!

A Christmas to Remember!!!!

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McKinney Madness said...

1. Your backyard looks huge and awesome.
2. I love your new furniture!
3. Sarah Taylor has a Pottery Barn Stocking, too!
4. I can't wait to buy ST an American Girl doll.
5. Glad ya'll had an awesome Christmas!!

brooke said...

Thanks Cort! American girl doll has a bitty baby that you'll have to get there sometime. It's so cute.

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