[As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. Joshua 24:15]

It's been way too long...

It feels like it's been FORVER since I've been on the computer to blog.  I've been far far away lately, just trying to focus on other things in my life....like cleaning the house :)  It's such a strange feeling to actually have the laundry done everyday.  I guess I've kept it up now for about 3 weeks or so and it feels good.  I just hope it will last.  

Well, backing up a couple of months...Camden played on a pre-season baseball team called the Hunstville Rockets.  Carter was actually able to play in one game when they needed an extra player so getting a little extra ball time before playing spring ball was good for both of them.  

The next couple of pictures are at school when they had to dress up like a character from a book that their class had chosen.  Carter was Thing 1 from Dr. Seus and his friend Margaret was Thing 2.  Camden's class dressed up like The Little's.  He was a pilot and came up with his little costume all on his own.  I was impressed....a snow hat and some goggles.  Loved it.  

Easter was just beautiful this year.  I couldn't have asked for a more pleasant day.  Saturday night we all went over to Ben and Anna's (my brother and his wife) to eat dinner and let the kids egg hunt.  They had such a great time...all nine kids!   My side of the family was there...I think there were 22 of us and we're all going to the beach together in July....CANNOT WAIT!  

Hopefully, I'll start keeping up with the blogging now...if I can keep the house clean too :)  


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Jamey said...

Camden is so grown up! They all are, but he seems to have changed overnight! Beautiful children.

Sunny said...

Precious pictures Brooke! Your boys look so handsome and Caley is just adorable!


Those pictures are so good! Love the one of Bailey with Marah and Caley. :) I'm glad you're back to blogging!

Holly said...

I've missed your blog posts! Glad you're back. Your kids are adorable. Maybe Lucy will end up with one of your boys... or one of my boys will end up with Caley. Either way, I would be so happy! :-)

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