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Opryland Hotel...Part 1

The fam, on my mom's side, (22 of us) went to Nashville for the weekend and stayed at the Opryland Hotel.  This was my mom's way of celebrating her weight loss...yipee for us getting to celebrate it with her.  She had a long intinerary typed out for the whole weekend....The Rockettes, Ice, Louise Mandrel Dinner Show, and lots more.  We had so much fun and I did not wanna come home. 

Just being in the Christmas atmsophere there puts everyone in the best mood and certainly gets you in the holiday spirit.

Of course, we all start with the cameras right when we enter the hotel.  Well, actually, some of the others may have started at Cracker Barrel for breakfast.  It was pretty hilarious...all the cameras.

As you can see, my kids were quite thrilled with getting their picture taken.  :)

I told 'em to get over it and smile...:)

He's doing his best to look sincere.

My grandmother got herself a wheelchair to use because you do a ton of walkin' at this hotel.  I was worn out by the end of the first night.  This is Trey and Marah goofin' off while we wait for our rooms.

Ben looks super excited.  te he he

Here's some of the clan....still waiting.

My grandmother and Caley.

Get use to it kiddos...I plan on takin' a ton more.

Marah and Caley had fun pushin' for a while.  It didn't last long. 

How cute....Rodney and Paige.

The Cascades....the section our room was in.

We're actually walking around the hotel now.  But, we didn't get far before we stopped for more pictures.

Caley Bug and her "look alike" Uggs.  Old Navy....$20.  Well, now they're on sell for $10.

Trey and Cort....they are just the cutest couple.

The kids stopped for a train ride in the hotel...courtesy of my mom.

Camden's in the caboose...didn't get a good one of him.

They all wanted in the front.

Off they go.

Joshua Bodene, Macy Poo, and Marah Barah...or at least that's what I call them sometimes. 

The girls looking at the fish

They have some huge, gigantic carp in the water!!

My christmas tree doesn't quite look like this.

Stay Tuned!   More to come!!!!!!

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I love the pics, Brooke. I have been checking every day! The kids look so cute and what a wonderful time together with family!

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