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Jingle Bell Fun Run

Thomas decided, last minute of course, to run in the 5K Jingle Bell Run on Sunday.  That little stink...he hasn't run in over 6 weeks and ended up placing 5th in his age group and 43rd overall.  I told him that if he actually trained he would probably do really well. 

The boys ran the little one mile fun run.  Don't they look so cute with the're little numbers on their shirts.  I love it.

These are some of our friends that ran.  Starting from the left....Courtney, Douglas, Justin, Thomas, Ryan, and Kellie.

Thomas and  David, a co-worker/friend.

Caley begged to run but I told her that she could try it next year. 

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Cortney said...

Carter lost a tooth! They look so cute in their running outfits. Trey is running his first 5k with me tomorrow... wish us luck!

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