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Fancy Caley and her Posh Puppy

I hate to say that I've completed neglected Caley as far as reading to her like I use to read to the boys when they were her age. I'm not sure if it's the third child or what but I am going to try and make more of an effort to read to her more. Today we read one of her favorite books "Fancy Nancy and the Posh Puppy." Her granny gave her this book along with the dress up outfit and the doll. Granny's name is Nancy as well. I love this book especially because it makes me think of Caley and how much she loves her own dog...Molly. When "Santa" brought her almost two years ago, when she was a puppy, Caley was TERRIFIED of her. Molly weighed about 3 pounds then and Caley would scream when she got even the least bit close. Things have changed drastically since then. Caley absolutely loves Molly more than anyone in our house. Caley plays with her, lays on her, reads to her, squeezes her little jaws and Molly never seems to mind. They definitely have a special relationship.

This is actually one doll I try and put back up after Caley plays with her. She's just so pretty and I would hate for her to have her hair cut off, or colored on, and anything else that's happened to some of her other dolls or babies.

Here's Caley in her Fancy Nancy dress with her posh puppy.
Poor Molly, I wonder what she's really thinking.

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