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Elvis....welcome to the Busby House.

Elvis.....welcome to the Busby house. Aunt Carolyn and Amy gave Carter a gift card for his birthday so he decided that he wanted a fish. Fish are good with me. We will never again get a frog that's for sure. I had to go to Pet Smart every week to buy crickets just to feed that thing. Thank goodness it 'mysteriously' disappeared one night.

Does anyone notice anything odd about this picture. This is one monstrous fish in one little bowl. I give it 2 weeks to live. The girl at the store told us that we needed a filter and a 10 gallon tank in order for it to survive. She said it would only live about 2 months. That's good with me so we just got the goldfish anyway and stuck it in this little glass fish bowl, obviously without a filter. I know...it's cruel but you never know. Maybe this fish will live a lot longer. We shall see. :)

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one BleSSed gal! said...

just another reason why i love you...we have the same philosophy about little critters =) good luck, elvis. i think you're going to need it!

Jenna said...

Poor little Elvis! You were a good little fish. You are going to be a gonner little buddy.

Stacy said...

When I was in grad school I got a goldfish and called it Nacho. I bought a little (1 or 2 gal) fishtank that had a (obviously cheap but still gave it fresh air) filter. That little 29cent fish lived until we were in our Otter Trail house--almost 4 years! Anyways...I still have it (in a retired, non-fish-inhabited state) if you are interested in trying to help the fish live longer. If not, feel free to disregard and I'm sure we would all agree not to tell Carter the offer was ever on the table! :)

brooke said...

Stacy...oh my goodness....are you serious? I would love it! I've been looking for fish aquariums today on craigs list because I was starting to feel bad for the little guy. I think he's depressed or maybe he's about to die now. If so, I want my money back. :)

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