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The Orange Crushers

Soccer season has begun. Thankfully the boys are on the same team this year. It makes it so much easier on us when they can play together. Carter is playing up with the big boys and he's holding his own just fine. Tonight was their second game and the Crushers lost lost by one and it was a pretty intense game. Camden scored, I believe, 3 goals and Carter almost scored a couple of times but they didn't quite make it in. They're doin' great and havin' a blast. Tonight was obviously picture night. Sometimes I just like to enjoy watching them play without snapping pics the whole time but tonight I needed some action shots for soccer this season.
I love catching their facial expressions.

Tonight I saw some aggressiveness out of the Busby boys and I was very proud.

Love this look.
Brother to brother kickin' it in.

This is Camden and to me he looks like such a big kid in this pic, without his head.

His favorite thing to do....pose for me.

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Sunny said...

What a special time for your boys to play soccer together! Love the pics! I know that they will create some lasting memories together!

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