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Go Red Fireballs

Caley decided that she wanted to play a little soccer this year which surprised me a little because all I've ever heard her talk about is cheerleading, ballet, or gymnastics. I was excited that she wanted to give soccer a try and she's had fun. She runs around with her prissy little shake and follows the pack of kids going after the ball. She's not very aggressive yet but I think give her time and she'll figure it out. She apparently told a little girl on the other team that she was sorry for kicking the ball at her. Atleast she was being thoughtful. I'm not so sure she likes it as much as she thought she would but it's been a good experience for her. I'm sure we'll have to try some gymnastics next.

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The HoneaBees said...

So cute!
And I also love your pics with the new lens! I forgot to comment when I saw them. You're getting better and better! Did you see the post from Marla with her tips?

brooke said...

Kera...Oh yes....I saw the post with Marla's answers. Too bad I can't pick her brain one-on-one. Thank you for the compliment about my pics. I can acutally only use the maunal lens when the subejct is still. It's way too diffficult too focus as someone is moving. I wish that my camera had autofocus for the 50mm. Pooey...oh well.

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