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Are you ready for some FOOTBALL??

The kids were so excited about going to the Auburn game this weekend and I have to say, mom and dad were too. It's always so much fun just being in the atmosphere of Auburn University. Being there brings back so many memories of college life. Those were the days. I seriously wish that we could go to every home game and tailgate but that's just not gonna work with the Busby's crazy schedule and needless to say the ticket cost for a family of five. Going to a game here and there every season sure is worth it and hopefully we're making memories that our kids will never forget. I remember growing up and going to Football games as a family and those were some of the funnest times. I hope my kids will say the same when they're older.

We stayed with Thomas' parents Friday night and headed out that morning to Auburn. This pic was taken in the front of Granny and Pop's house that morning. They have a little goldfish pond in the background there that is so cute. My kids use to get so excited about feeding the fish. I enjoy watching them myself.

We got to Auburn and decided we were just gonna take our time walk around and just enjoy the day. We set up our tent and chairs as a resting place and it worked out great. Here the boys are playing a little football.

Walking down the streets is always fun. I think we went in about every bookstore in town, refraining from spending much money at all this time. You can easily lose control seeing all the Auburn wear and decor. It would be fun to have some money to blow and go on an Auburn shopping spree.

We couldn't pass up a picture in front of Samford Hall.

Carter...with his trademark pose.

Caley being goofy.

Football is one sport that we really haven't given our kids an option for playing...yet. They haven't asked. It just scares me. I have a feeling we'll be dealing with that in the next few years. Who knows.

In front of the stadium

After we spent about $8 on stickers for their faces, of course they peeled them right off and wanted their faces painted. Camden asked for his whole face to be a football helmet. I cringed when I heard him say that and I think the students that were painting did too. Unfortunately, the guy said, "yeah, I can do it." What was he thinking? Obviously, he wasn't an Art major. Camden scraped it off a little while later. Thank Heavens.

After walking around and goofing off a while we sat and waited for Thomas to bring us some Chick-Fil-A on the steps by Haley Center. They were exhausted already and really, I was too. But, when you enter that stadium you get a sudden boost of energy and adrenaline.

We let the kids play for a while at the inflatables by the coliseum. The bracelet Caley has on came from there. It's an I.D. bracelet, just in case a child gets lost or separated from their parents. I thought is was a great idea so all three kids had one on.

It was hilarious, my kids know every word to "Livin' on a Prayer" and "Eye of the Tiger" so every time those songs were played my kids were belting it out. It was such a great game to take the kids to. Night games are the best. I love Auburn Football.

We took the kids to Toomer's Corner to roll the trees after the game.

The obviously had a blast.

Can't wait to go back. We need some tail-gating junkies to go with us!!!!

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