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Teeth Pullin'

Today was the big day. Camden had to have 2 teeth pulled because his bottom teeth are pretty crowded. The dentist said that it would allow the others to spread out a little for now. All three kids will need braces at some point. There's a huge chunk of money we'll be dishin' out in a few years.

I was really scared for him but he did amazingly well. He was very brave and apparently he didn't even feel the shots. Thank Heavens. I tried to warn him, in a sugar-coated way, that it would hurt a little but I was wrong. I didn't wanna freak him out but I didn't wanna lie to him either. It worked out. This teeth pullin' thing was really no big deal at all.
Here they are. Roots and all.

4 People Think:

McKinney Madness said...

Holy cow.... I don't ever think I've seen a tooth so up close and personal. Poor Camden! The tooth fairy better be good to him for that! (Oh, he must have inherited the Johnson side of teeth, huh?) : )

Sunny said...

That is gross! Teeth really gross me out, though. I am not looking forward to the "loosing teeth" phase.

Stacy said...

Yes, that's quite a shot of those teeth! Yuk! I'm proud Camden was so brave! :)

mandy said...

wow...that was really gross. Good job Camden! We will be right there with you on those braces.

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