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My Big Boy is Seven!

I can hardly believe that Camden is already seven years old! He was a Fourth of July baby so he gets a big party every year and fireworks! We had the family over to our house to eat and celebrate his birthday. He wanted red, white, and blue for his party this year and we had a great celebration!!
Our kids ask for a pinata at just about every party. You would think it would be a little old by now but apparently not by the looks of my kids candy stashes.

Some of Camden's gifts were.....a new bike, Wii golf game, Wii Shrek game, magnetic toss, transformers, water gun, Tales of Desperoux-movie, and clothes. My cousin Amy....never fails to get a crazy picture!! Just a few weeks ago Thomas and I noticed that he had already outgrown his other bike. I couldn't believe how small the bike looked with him riding it so he really needed a bigger one.
My sweet babies!!
I was so glad that my grandmother was able to come this year!

Thomas's parents did the party decorations this year and they went all out....horns, hats, tiaras, leis, necklaces, bracelets, confetti, glow toys, footballs, and flags...all decorated with red, white and blue. I think they need to be in charge of our parties every year! te he he
Here's the whole bunch.

Those horns were really really loud. Especially with all the kids blowing at the same time.
I did make Camden's cake this year again. Did my best but certainly not professional. At least it looks like a flag from a distance.

I have to get close-ups!
My "almost" second grader!

I love this picture.

And this one.

And this one!

Grampy and Pop

The fam.

We ended the night with fireworks at Bridge Street. Happy Birthday Camden. I love you!!

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McKinney Madness said...

There's only one thing missing... ME!! I hated that Trey and I couldn't be there but I'm so glad to see that ya'll had such a good time. I love all of the pictures, and will have to talk to you soon about your camera. I want a good one and yours takes such awesome pics!!

joy said...

7...that is so hard to believe! Time flies! Looks like ya'll had a great day with family. Love all those pictures! Your cake is so pretty & i'm sure yummy too.

Amy said...

those pictures are SO good! we had a great time. love you!

Trey and Bri Maharrey said...

Looks like it was a great time! What a fun day to have a birthday ;) Your cake looked great and you should be proud of it!! No need to pay for one when you can get it to look like you did. Great job!



Love the pictures! I always love how big and nice your pictures look on here. I think we need to clear off some space on our computer so I can upload mine larger and so the quality will be better. We had a good time at the party...so sorry we missed the fireworks. :(

Sunny said...

Happy 7th Birthday Camden!!! Loved the pictures. It looks like you all had a great time celebrating with family. That one picture of Paige and Macy is awesome!

I also love the new header.

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