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The Beach (Part 2)

We had beautiful weather the entire week and we used up just about every second of each day that we could. We went back and forth from the ocean to to the pool with snacks in between. The kids were absolutely worn out by the end of the day and the adults were too but it was so worth it!!

The sea oats by the ocean...or atleast that's what I think they were.

The boys had a great time riding the waves. I was scared to death for 'em but they did good. I like to look at the ocean but that's about it.
Camden and Carter tried and tried to catch a fish but no luck. Those suckers were quick.

Macy even loved the ocean.

This year Thomas bought a tent to take to the beach and it was so nice to have. Nothin' like a little nap by the ocean.

Caley and Marah wanted to be buried several times.

Believe it or not, Caley actually got in the ocean. I sure was surprised but she did great.

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Sunny said...

Brooke, your pictures look great and it looks like everyone had a great time together. I've always wanted to try LuLu's, but have heard it's more about the atmosphere rather than the food.

The picture of Joshua catching a wave is incredible!

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